What is Dutch Locals?

Julia Mulder (Founder): ‘Dutch Locals supports the connection between international- and local people in the Netherlands. We’ll help anyone discover Dutch social life and make them smile even when it isn’t a sunny day.’

Dutch culture is organized in many different ways and the same counts for its social life. There are many social clubs and activities to join. To make it easier for you, to know where to go and have fun, Dutch Locals will show you the way to a large variety of activities, events, services and a lot more.

How does it work?

Dutch Locals provides an overview of many local activities and events. The search function and filter make it easier to explore activities that are relevant to your interests, and through different categories you will see which local activities and events you can attend.

We also offer

Discover the Netherlands
Next to easy access to local activities and events, we have partnered with Beat the Dutch Travel, who offer small trips to help you discover some of the most beautiful places the Netherlands has to offer, read more.


Dutch Locals was founded by Julia Mulder in 2020.

I’m an entrepreneur and passionate about creating possibilities that encourage connection. Conversations I’ve had with international students and expats made me realize there is a divide between the local and international community. After doing some research, I found that it is difficult for the international community to insert themselves into the Dutch culture and find their way. As you can imagine, this subject piqued my interest. The research I did, inspired me to come up with an easy way to provide information on how to insert yourself into the Dutch social life.