The Stevenskerk, the icon of Nijmegen

Visiting Nijmegen, it’s virtually impossible to miss the Stevenskerk (Stevens Church). From all parts of town the tower calls you to the city centre. The Stevenskerk is a place for contemplation and experience. Pop concerts during the Four Days Marches, classical music all through the year, congresses, exhibitions and all sorts of gatherings of Radboud University and HAN (University of Applied Sciences Arnhem / Nijmegen). There are even beer tasting sessions in a historical setting!

Visiting the Stevenskerk is quite an experience. The high, elegant domes, the splendid incidence of light through the stained glass windows, the age old graves, that spectacular row of chandeliers: one simply doesn’t know where to look!
There is no doubt you will be affected by this impressive monument. It touches one deeply. Come and visit the Stevenskerk and experience it yourself! We offer tours in English every month.*

* Due the coronavirus it isn’t possible at the moment.


Sint Stevenskerkhof 62
6511 VZ  Nijmegen