Course Abstract Painting by Mark-Making

Painting from the spontaneous and abstract approach of mark-making differs a lot from classical painting lessons. The course provides space to explore material, color and tools. Boldness, movement and spontaneity are key-elements we will work with. There are no rules in abstract art, but many useful principles that give your work that extra dimension such as composition, tone and color. We’ll dive into this during the workshops.
Whether you are a novice painter or have been painting for a while, this will help you embrace your personal intuition and discover new possibilities. Are you in for this adventurous course and can’t you wait to dive into the paint? You’re welcome!
JA – YES – OUI Expats and other language speakers are also welcome, I speak Dutch, English, French. The course contains 4 workshops and will be facilitated by Studio SasArtCreation in Nijmegen. For more info: