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Lindenberg Cultuurhuis is a cultural organization with a focus on cultural education. De Lindenberg* has its home base in the center of Nijmegen, but is active in and for the entire city. We believe that art and culture are an inseparable part of people’s personal development, and we believe that everyone should be given the opportunity to come into contact with it. To achieve this, we offer creatieve courses and cultural performances. We also have an education department.

Creative courses
We offer creative courses in music, dance, fine arts, theatre and writing*. For young and old, talented and starting, serious fanatics and hobbyists. The Lindenberg also offers courses especially for students, such as drumming and guitar.

Cultural performances
At Lindenberg Cultuurhuis you can enjoy a wide range of performances*, with a main focus on cabaret, youth genre and community theatre, with trips to drama, dance and musical theater. We offer a stage to young and promising makers, big names and amateurs who proudly show you their own creations.

Lindenberg op School
Lindenberg op School* is the educational department of the Lindenberg. We deploy art teachers on primary and high schools in all art disciplines: music, writing, dance, theatre and visual arts. Also we organize projects for and with schools, like theatre shows and literature festivals. And much more!

See you soon!**

*Our website is in Dutch, if you have any questions, please feel free to sent us an e-mail.

** At the moment we are closed, but as soon as the lockdown is over we can give you more information about the courses we offer.


Lindenberg Cultuurhuis
Ridderstraat 23
6500 AN Nijmegen

Phone: 024 327 3911*