Basketball Club Wildcats was founded on July 3, 1992 from a merger of “Cheetah” and “So What”. Wildcats is a recreational sport association with one or more teams in almost all age categories.

At the Wildcats basketball club, we believe it is important that every individual feels safe and comfortable and can be themselves. Everyone should be able to enjoy basketball for a lifetime. Basketball is fun to do and fun to watch. Wildcats is therefore in line with the program “Samen naar een Veiliger Sportklimaat” (Together towards a Safer Sports Climate), which is stimulated by the NBB and NOC*NSF. Wildcats also participates in the Safe Sports Climate program of the municipality of Nijmegen. Sports fun is our top priority.

Join us for 3 training courses on a trial basis! Send us an e-mail:
(Playing at basketball club Wildcats is possible from the age of 6 years)


Sports hall ‘De Horstacker’
Horstacker 1401
6546 EK Nijmegen*
*Our website is in Dutch, but please feel free to send us an e-mail if you have any questions.