The Boks Academy Nijmegen has started to promote the “noble art of self defense” among the population of Nijmegen and the surrounding area. We want to show everyone that this sport can be a beautiful part of your daily life in dozens of ways.

Regardless of origin, past, ambitions, gender or whatever, everyone is welcome with us! Because of our wide range of lessons, there is always something that suits you exactly. You may want to build up a good condition, boost your self-confidence, brave competitions or just enjoy a cup of coffee or tea as a spectator.

Boks Academy Nijmegen is a brand new boxing gym founded by founder and former Dutch Super Heavyweight Champion Willy van Haaren.

We offer: Punchbagtraining in- and outdoors | HIT punchbagtraining in- and outdoors | Boxtraining for children and youth | Box & Fitt | Fittness | Boxing classes specially for people with Parkinson’s disease

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Waalbandijk 10
6541 AJ Nijmegen