Table tennis

Table Tennis Association
At table tennis club D.V.S. you can play coronaproof table tennis and make contact with other people. Beginners are as welcome as experienced players and after playing (or in between) you can get acquainted with the other players or the opponents in the bar. This way you can work on your health, your social contacts and have some fun at the same time! It’s possible to play competitions against other clubs as a member of a small team (3-5 people), you can join the internal ladder competition, or just play with someone else.

You can try 4 evenings for free!
Afterwards you have the option of becoming a member of the club for €80,00 a year, or to play a single evening for €2,50.

We play every Friday 8 PM, feel welcome to join us!



Check our website here*
De Gildekamp 6018
6545 LX Nijmegen
+31(0)6-23506980 (only Friday night)
Email: Frans Wienk

*Our website is in Dutch, but please feel free to send us an e-mail if you have any questions.