Coronaproof quiztour with a delicious picknick!

27 Mar  28 Mar  
Tour @ Nijmegen

Experience Nijmegen at its best!

Nijmegen is a city with a rich past and a bustling present. From the Batavians and the Romans to the Honig Factory, there’s all sorts of beautiful stories to be told and interesting tidbits to discover. For March 27th and 28th, we have developed a special corona-proof Nyma quiz to *really* get to know the city and see its beautiful sights. Get active and interactive on your bicycle! You’ll hit the road armed with directions to various locations where you’ll be answering questions about the city and carrying out assignments. The Monday after the weekend of the quiz, fabulous prizes will be awarded to the winners! Bookings of this Nyma quiz are also available for the whole family (aged 7+).

The duration of the family tour is approximately 2 hours.
The duration of the tour for adults is approximately 3 hours.
(You can decide which tour you’d like to embark on as late as the day itself. The tour is also available in English.)

Of course, we’ll make sure you’ll get a chance to take a break during the tour. That’s why you’ll be getting a Meesterproef tote bag filled to the brim with sandwiches and homemade iced tea, among other things. To keep the drinks cold, you’ll also receive a reusable insulated Meesterproef bottle.

The Meesterproef bag is filled with:
– Pastrami sandwich with pickle, garlic mayo, and rucola
– Farmhouse cheese sandwich with mustard mayo, beet leaf, and red bell pepper
– An apple
– A brownie
– Bottle of homemade iced tea
– (Prefer your sandwiches fully vegetarian? Let us know and we’ll adjust your sandwich!)

The children’s bag is filled with the following:
– Cheese sandwich
– Hazulnut spread sandwich
– An apple
– A brownie
– Apple juice

Ride your own bicycle to the Meesterproef, where you’ll start the day between 10.00 and 12.00. We’ll welcome you with a cup of coffee or tea, a snack, and of course your packed lunch for the road. This is also where you’ll get the link to the route and the questions, so it’s important to bring your phone!

You can win the following prizes:
A guided two-person tour of Nijmegen by Nyma Tours
A guided family tour of Nijmegen by Nyma Tours
A two-person high tea by the Meesterproef
Coffee and a treat for four people by the Meesterproef

Tickets are 25 euros for every adult, and 15 euros for every child. Book them through And of course, the Meesterproef tote bag and the insulated Meesterproef bottle are yours to keep!

Note: the website you book this tour is in Dutch, but the tour will be in English.