Theater for toddlers at the Lindenberg

22 Nov  
Theater @ Nijmegen

WOOSH! is a first, breathtaking introduction to theater for toddlers (1,5 up to 3 years old)

Karlijn and Bram challenge each other on a bubble plastic floor. It takes their utmost concentration not to burst the bubbles under their feet. Karlijn and Bram hold their breath, but the breath wants to get out: through a sigh and a breeze to a voice and a song. And suddenly… the world starts to move.

With small movements, a bit of air and curious sounds, the actors evoke the full amazement of the little ones and their parents with pure simplicity.

Afterwards, the children, together with their (grand) parents, are playfully invited to a small, sensory activity, inspired by the performance. Naturally safe and completely covid-proof.

Starting at 11.00 AM (sold out) & 2.00 PM

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Location: Lindenberg Cultuurhuis, Ridderstraat 23, 6500 AN Nijmegen