Mindfulness | Lecture (free)

Thursday 28th of January at 20:00h

Join us for a special event with Shamash Alidina to learn how we can make mindfulness a natural part of our lives.

Want to feel calmer and find ways to bring mindfulness into your daily life?

Messages telling us to be mindful or appreciate what we have can leave us feeling that we’re falling short, especially in challenging times. There are so many demands on our attention and simply not enough hours in the day to start new habits!

At this timely event, mindfulness expert and best-selling author Shamash Alidina, will share the power of small steps and self compassion in helping you live more mindfully – in a way that is achievable and with a sense of playfulness, rather than overwhelm or pressure.

The event will take place on Zoom at 7pm London time (GMT).
(This is 8pm in Amsterdam)

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