University Health Center Heyendael

At the University Health Center Heyendael (UGC Heyendael) we value open communication and a personalized approach. Our practice is small enough to offer personalized treatment and big enough to ensure continuity. We achieve this by close teamwork between our general practitioners, practice nurses and doctor’s assistants. As a result, UGC Heyendael offers a wide range of health services.

Why university health center? We are located on the campus of Radboudumc. We are part of the primary care department and we work together closely with other departments of the Radboudumc. Not only do we provide healthcare, UGC Heyendael is also involved in education, training and research. Consequently, our practice serves as a link between primary care and the academic world.

We are a certified practice by the Dutch GP Society (NHG). This means that we are periodically assessed on our healthcare, quality and service.

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